September 21, 2023|News

After six years leading the Cultivator team, Jordan McFarlen has officially shifted into a new role, although not completely new territory, as a Director with Conexus Venture Capital.

Jordan has a proven track record as a Saskatchewan tech ecosystem leader and has helped Cultivator companies raise $115 million in investment capital over the past six years. He has worked arm-in-arm with Founders and helped them through ideation, to business building, to raising institutional investment. Jordan will join an already extremely talented venture capital team, who will continue to help drive success through our venture capital funds.

In his new role, Jordan will be fully dedicated to Conexus Venture Capital Fund #1 and any future funds in that series. Jordan will play a key leadership role in all aspects of the fund.

We know Jordan will add a great skill set to an already extremely talented team.

Congratulations and welcome to the team Jordan!