Our story

Conexus Venture Capital was built to fill a funding gap in the local tech ecosystem.

In 2017, Saskatchewan startups received less than 0.5% of all venture capital funds deployed across Canada. Knowing our province’s startups were being overlooked, we sought ways to fill this funding gap.

Conexus Credit Union has a long, rich history of innovation. Founded on the idea of pooling local capital and building support for the local economy, Conexus applied this principle to a 21st century problem: recognizing the lack of venture capital funding as an opportunity to solve a significant problem for our province’s entrepreneurs!

Source: CVCA 2017 VC & PE Canadian Marketing Overview, www.cvca.ca

In early 2019, Conexus Credit Union launched Conexus Venture Capital as a commitment to entrepreneurs and the local economy.

Since its inception, Conexus Venture Capital has played a key role in growing the technology ecosystem in Saskatchewan and beyond!

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