Founded by Conexus Credit Union, Conexus Venture Capital is an early stage venture capital firm based in the Canadian prairies. We invest time, knowledge and capital in high-growth tech startups with the objective of fueling the local economy.

Our story

Conexus Venture Capital was built to fill a funding gap in the local tech ecosystem.

In 2017, Saskatchewan startups received less than 0.5% of all venture capital funds deployed across Canada. Knowing our province’s startups were being overlooked we sought out ways to fill this funding gap.

In early 2019,  Conexus Credit Union launched Conexus Venture Capital as a commitment to supporting Saskatchewan entrepreneurs and the economy. Since then, Conexus Venture Capital has played a key role in growing the venture capital eco-system in Saskatchewan and beyond. (And… we’ve only just gotten started!)

Conexus Credit Union has a long, rich history of innovation. Founded on the idea of pooling local capital and building support for the local economy, Conexus applied this principle to a 21st century problem: recognizing the lack of venture capital funding as an opportunity to solve a significant problem for our province’s entrepreneurs!

Sean O’Connor, Managing Director of Conexus Venture Capital, judges Cultivator 24 Hour Startup event in 2020.

Our funds

The team

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