March 8, 2023|News

In reflection of International Women’s Day, we took a look at our portfolio and one thing became very clear: women build great companies! Conexus Venture Capital is proud to highlight that our partnership goes beyond cutting a cheque: it has really built a better world and great enterprises.

Multiple studies have shown that gender has an impact on results. The more diverse your company is, the better it performs, because the people who are affected by decisions are at the decision making table. In fact, companies that had more women on the board performed overwhelming better during the pandemic in 2020 (source: Lessons From The Pandemic (

That being said, there are still significant struggles for women in succeeding in the workplace. Tech startups are no different, with the space being predominantly male. Not only are there less women in tech, they are 2x as likely to exit than men (source: – Fact Sheet)

We’re proud to support women in the tech space and help them succeed with their innovative ideas and companies. See our showcase gallery below to meet some of the talented women in our portfolio.

Happy International Women’s Day from Conexus Venture Capital!

PS: we would be remiss to not mention our own CVC woman Rockstar: Erin Trapp! Joining one year ago, Erin is a vital leader on our team. She is driven, intelligent, and a woman of many talents. We would be LOST without her!