September 6, 2022|News, Portfolio Company

Today, Vancouver digital health startup, Curatio, announced it has merged with Sydney, Austrailia’s RxMx to form RxPx.

The merger comes at a time when health systems are collapsing, pharmaceutical companies are undergoing massive change, and patients are increasingly relying on digital options.

“The need for a social health prescription is increasingly urgent and the level of physician burnout is a serious concern for the entire ecosystem,” says RxPx CEO Lynda Brown-Ganzert regarding the merger. “Any healthcare organization can use  the RxPx solution, and brand it for their program, therapy, clinic or membership.”

The positive impacts of this merger will be immediately visible within the healthcare industry as manufacturers leveraging the combined offering can expect to see the strain on physicians eased.  The merger benefits patients who not only get on therapy faster and more safely, but who feel supported by their peers in their own health journey.

Both platforms have been a success with patients, with 94% of users still using RxMx one year later. In a Curatio case study where a pharmaceutical company was losing patients early due to a manageable side-effect, 92% of the users remained on therapy leveraging the peer-to-peer social network solution. Case studies for both companies have shown user adherence rates reaching 90%.

Congrats to both Curatio and RxMx on this merger. To learn more about this merger and RxPx, visit