Emmertech is a $60 million venture capital fund focused on agtech and agribusiness innovation. It was built from an industry-first approach, with investors being some of Canada’s most innovative farmers, agribusiness owners and agriculturally-centred financial institutions. With proper access to early stage venture capital, Canada can become a global leader in agriculture innovation. 

Why agtech?

Food demand continues to rise, and it’s estimated there will be approximately 3 million more mouths to feed by 2050.  

While ag has radically transformed in the last 100 years and there have been many advances in machinery, equipment, fertilizers, and seeds that help improve farm efficiencies and yields, we continue to face challenges to keep pace. Despite Canada being a natural leader in agtech, venture capital is in short supply resulting in the export of talent, wealth, and innovation to other countries.  

Unlike other tech companies, agtech has unique needs when it comes to venture capital. For example, farmers don’t want to deal with minimum viable products. They have 30 to 40 growing seasons in their careers, and often have a significant portion of their net worth at stake with every harvest. As a result, agtech founders need investors to bet bigger and earlier than typically seen in the tech space. The space needs reliable solutions that deliver a clear return on investment to the farmer. 



Man in his 30s in a tractor on the farm. It is seeding time in the spring. There are many monitors to his right, this is a hi-tech farming operation.

Our approach

We have thrown out the Canadian playbook when it comes to venture capital and have rebuilt a new investment approach to fit the world of agtech. 

Agtech requires companies that can build highly reliable products that deliver an immediate return on investment to the farm and as a result, they need investors to bet bigger and earlier then we typically see in the tech space. This is exactly what Emmertech does – when we find a company we want to invest in, we’re going to invest big.  

Emmertech investments will mean more products are released to market that add significant value to the farm with a high degree of reliability. 

Fund investors

Emmertech brings together key ag leaders from across Canada that believe Canadian agtech will flourish in smaller ecosystems. Investors of the fund are critical players and stakeholders in Canadian agriculture, ranging from farmers with boots on the ground and agribusiness to ag-focused insurance companies and specialty lenders & insurers anchored in agricultural communities. We are also proudly supported by Innovation Saskatchewan with a $15M commitment to the fund and ongoing support. 

Who we’re looking to invest in?

We’re looking to invest in Canadian agtech companies from ‘farm to fork’, with a special focus on ‘where technology meets the farm’. This includes: 

  • Agribusiness marketplaces: trading platforms, online procurement, leasing, etc. 
  • Farm software, sensing and IoT: Ag data capture, predictive analytics, etc. 
  • Farm robotics, mechanization, and equipment: machinery, automation, drones, etc. 
  • Products in the physical world: novel fertilizers, biologicals, etc. 
  • Midstream: storage, food safety & traceability, logistics, transport, etc. 
  • Other: fintech, SaaS for farmers, etc. 

We look to invest from seed to series B and require investees to have commercial revenue.

Have a company that falls into one of these categories, and interested in connecting?

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Portfolio companies

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Emmertech is also a founding partner, alongside Cultivator powered by Conexus and Economic Development Regina, in the Agtech Accelerator. Through an accelerator program that runs once a year, selected companies will have access to resources, programming and funding they need to help them scale.

The Agtech Accelerator is venture-capital backed by Emmertech, meaning each Canadian company selected to participate in the yearly cohort has the opportunity to receive an equity investment at intake – a first for an accelerator in Saskatchewan and Canada.

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